Sex trafficking is more common than you think.

40.5 million victims globally. 27 million victims in the US. 200,000 American children each year in the US alone. The fastest growing and 2nd largest criminal industry in the world.

Sex trafficking is affecting your community.

Social media has made it easy to become active in every community. We will bring you the FACTS about how it affects YOUR specific area when we visit.

Sex trafficking victims can be helped.

We need everyone to do their part so there is a real impact made for the benefit of those suffering and vulnerable.

This trailer is a snippet of our documentary film that was created, based on true events, to bring awareness to the raw and real issues of sex trafficking globally. We would love to partner with you to show you how to identify victims, what to do when you identify someone and tangible ways you can help make a difference in your own community. To see the full documentary, contact us to schedule an awareness campaign in your area!

Make a real impact

The specific purpose of The Watch Tower is to globally bring awareness to sex trafficking by partnering with local organizations in individual communities.

Our process 

Research and Documentation

We will tangibly demonstrate how sex trafficking is impacting your community.

Connect with Local Organizations

We will bridge the gap between you and local organizations that are already making an impact in your community.

Develop an Action Plan

We will help you understand what sex trafficking is, how it works, and how you can make a difference for your community to help change lives.

Training Presenation

We want everyone to have the full picture of the issue of sex trafficking. We will explain what it is, how it happens, where it happens, and how every single person can play a part in helping to end modern day slavery. We make it easy to understand and give you easy and practical ways for you to help.

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